The terrible statistic 90 90 90

90% of the participants lose 90% of the money in their account in a maximum of 90 days.

According to reports from several brokers that indicate this for their client’s accounts, this happens. This is also called “90 90 90 Club”. We want you TO NEVER get in there. Our worry is not a “friendship” stuff, is based on the fact that we want to have a wide and stable business “relationship” with our customers.

How to avoid this to happen?

If you are reading this, I can assure you that you are starting a very well. But I got some points by reading several articles about this topic and put my own words.

  1. lack of specific formation about the business
    Apart from talent, some people can see and understand stuffs/things faster and better then others. The master rule is, that does not matter which business you have to know about it very well.  Forget about the fact that many human beings want others to solve their problems and form your own methodology, the result of your reflection and self-study before you spend a lot of money in Educators. Be careful with educators read and see my article, take the time and your money will start to be happy with you.  We will not offer curses but workshops. 2-4 Hours is enough to help you to find your own way of learning.
  2. greed and speculations
    Like I said, there are a lot of bad people on the internet waiting for your greed and using it against you. The advertisings are very similar, telling about how to realize your dreams or trying to put dreams on your head and saying you can make 1000 – 5000 – 10000 in no time. Of course there are people doing this, but they work hard! They are not just investors and when they are, it was a big process they built brick by brick. Even if you are TALENT, hold you greed and enjoy the investment and not the speculation.
  3. Uses of high leverages
    This is already a little technical. That’s the article, take your time and read it. Also related with risk, money and equity management. Forex is a high level risk investment very much because of its leverage system. We will have more discussions on this topic.
  4. Invest like a Business
    If you trade, we want to team up and take you from retail to professional. Everybody wants us to believe that trade is a solitary thing, then tell me, why the banks do this with teams? Protecting the capital, hedging the fonds and applying automation by trade systems. Calculate the Lot sizes based on currency, balance and risk. If we stay as retail trader, the chances to be successful are lower than as professional trader.

And is coming soon, how to team up with us. How to handle your capital and still being cooperative.

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